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Annie Logo


Thursday, Jul 27 through Sunday, Jul 30. Orange High School Auditorium, 500 Orange High School Road, Hillsborough

Based upon Harold Gray’s famous comic strip, “Annie” the musical is the story of a young orphan girl whose plucky optimism in the midst of the Great Depression charms everyone who comes in contact with her. Winning seven Tony awards, this ever popular program contains unforgettable songs like “Tomorrow,” and “It’s the Hard-Knock Life.” It’s just the tonic we need today to remind us that hard and uncertain times can be overcome with a positive attitude. 

Annie FDR Annie and Warbucks Mobile Annie 8_921_691 Annie 7_921_691 Annie 3

Annie: Sarah Fox

Molly: Laci Sykes

Kate: Faye Allen

Tessie: Lily Allen

Pepper: Hannah Vacca

July: Emma Vacca

Duffy: Bridget Hight

Miss Hannigan: Megan Gifford

Bundles McCloskey: Shannon Peace

Apple Seller: Callie Williamson

Dog Catcher: Alexandria Matthews

Assistant Dog Catcher: Ava Grasty

Police Lt. Ward: Dan Darlington

Sophie: Diane O’Leary

Man 1: Isaac Dorris

Man 2: Ian Johnson

Man 3: Richard Johnson

Man 4: Isaiah Knight

Woman 1: Julie Painter

Woman 2: Merilee Nixon

Woman 3: Laura Darlington

Woman 4: Christina Morelli

Eddie: James Gifford

Policeman: Jared Little

Grace Farrell: Jessalyn Carpino

Drake (English Butler): Sean Purner

Cecille (French Maid): Lexi Owens

Anette (French Maid): Michele Metzger

Mrs. Greer (Housekeeper): Laura Emery

Mrs. Pugh (Cook): Terri Leonard

Man Servant 1: Jaxon Wilkerson

Man Servant 2: Isaac Dorris

Man Servant 3: Jared Little

Man Servant 4: Ian Johnson

Oliver Warbucks: R. David Boss, Jr.

Chauffeur: Shannon Peace

Star-To-Be: Chantel Bryant

Usherette: Geneva Hendrickson

Kid #1: Molly Kruse

Kid #2: Sheya Wehrman

Rooster: Davis Leonard

Lily: Kathleen Jacob

Sound Effects Man: Emily Adams

Jimmy Johnson: Special Guest?

Fred McCracken w/Wacky: Jaxon Wilkerson

Boylan Sisters: Savannah Durfey, Leigh Talley, Emma Roe

Bert Healy: Ross Emery

Harold Ickes: Dan Darlington

Frances Perkins: Kaitlin Case

Cordell Hull : Ross Emery

Henry Morgenthau, Jr: Ian Johnson

Louis Howe: James Gifford

Marine Guard: Isaiah Knight

FDR: Reid Dalton

Justice Brandeis: Richard Johnson

Ensemble/Chorus Emma Butler, Sydney Butler, Ava Cecil, Abigail Davis, Isabella Fox, Micah Hughes, Sarah Jones, Miranda Lindblom, Josephine Little, Jacy Macneir, Victoria Matthews, Isabella Morelli, Ainsley Rasinske, Kathryn Scully, Isabel Sutton, Olivia Sutton, Bella Tesoro, Emma Watkins

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