Doris Click

One of our newest OCP cast members is a first time actress in Oklahoma!  Meet Doris Click…

1) How did you get involved with this production of OCP’s Oklahoma?  doris
I am a member of Orange United Methodist Church, along with the Boss family and Cameron Ross.  We saw Annie last year and I told David that I would be interested in becoming part of an OCP production.
2) Have you ever performed in a musical before?  If so, what?
I have never done this before – not in high school, college or when I was teaching.  The closest I came to performing was organizing faculty shows.
3) What is your favorite play/musical?
My favorite musical of all time is Wicked.
4) What is your “dream role?”  
At this stage of my life, my dream role would be Mame or the madam in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  These characters face life’s challenges with grit and optimism and they care about the young people they mentor.
5) What has been your favorite part of being involved in Oklahoma so far?
My favorite part of being involved in Oklahoma is seeing how all the pieces come together for a show.  (My least favorite part is trying to remember the changes to my place on the stage.)
6) What do you most look forward to about the show?
 I look forward to seeing/hearing the audience’s reaction to this production.  Everyone has worked so hard, and I want their efforts to be recognized for the wonderful results that they are.
7). What do you do in your “real” life?  ie: job, hobbies, retired from?
I am happily retired after teaching high school Spanish for over 30 years.  Now, I spend my time quilting or doing other crafts, singing in the church choir and ringing handbells, golfing with my husband, and visiting our young grandsons in Florida every chance we get.


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