Gary Terrell

Gary Terrell is a returning OCP STAR!  Learn more about Gary below and purchase tickets to see him and all our other STARS in Oklahoma!

gary1) How did you get involved with this production of OCP’s Oklahoma?

Mrs. Deryl McGuire and my son Currie.

2) Have you ever performed in a musical before?
If so, what?

Yes – I was in Honk.

3) What is your favorite play/musical?

West Side Story

4) What is your “dream role?”

If they ever make a Family Guy Movie I want to be Peter Griffin.

5) What has been your favorite part of being involved in Oklahoma so far?

Meeting wonderful, talented people.

6) What do you most look forward to about the show?

Hearing the laughter.

7) What do you do in your “real” life?  ie: job, hobbies, retired from?

I am a dispatcher for Piedmont EMC and enjoy restoring and remodeling my 1940s house.

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